This guys Intro ^_^

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Hi, I’m Logan… I’m 13 years old. 14 In a few weeks πŸ™‚ Totally excited! This post should have been posted about a week ago. But I’m a bad kid and didn’t get it finished. Β Anyway, I live in a small town in the center of Canada, Not exactly the center but close enough :p I like to be outdoors and hangout with my friends. Most of all, Go biking, Ski-dooing, And quading( Dirt Biking for me ) Video games once in awhile, Call Of Duty For your info.

For the rest of my life I just sit at home. Play games, Sit on the computer and talk to people on facebook. Skype with a few people once in a while. And Play MINECRAFT πŸ™‚

Byee byee

Logan πŸ˜€


Someone Similar :D

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The Person I think that is most similar Is… ( Big Moment ) Brayden! I think me and him are kinda similar, He is the closest guy to what I(We) do. No-one else is even close! :/ But I think Brayden is kinda similar because he plays games, And I also do :p He watches somewhat shows I do. He likes to hangout with friends and play a bit of sports. Sounds like the stuff I do. The things that we don’t have anything in common is… He reads different books then me, Probably different movies :p And I’m guessing he doesn’t have FaceBook ( Doesn’t have it as one of his fav sites ) I’m terrified of bee’s ect. And Spiders!!! I don’t really know what to say haha.

Logan πŸ˜€

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